Polonsky Foundation Catalogue of Digitised Hebrew Manuscripts

A three-year project by the British Library to digitise and make freely available 1,300 Hebrew manuscripts from its collections

Project details

The British Library’s Hebrew manuscripts collection is one of the finest and most important in the world. This three-year project has made half of the collection –1300 manuscripts (435,000 digitised images) – freely available online in full for the first time.

An accompanying bilingual Hebrew-English curated web space – aimed at a wide public audience – showcases a selection of the manuscripts, contextualised with articles and videos on a range of key themes – to learners and the public worldwide to explore the riches of the collection in more depth.

The project also involved conservation of four Torah scrolls, which had textile covers (mantles), made of silk brocade and linen.

Subsequent to this project, the National Library of Israel (NLI) has digitised the other half of the British Library’s manuscript collection. The entire collection is now freely available to all on both the British Library website and the NLI website.

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